lundi 27 octobre 2014

Intervention E-Faith in English

Under the sheds of Tase Factoty, a beautiful giantess has slept since  5 years.
This sumptuous steel cathedral is in fact a machine  to manufacture lace and was invented thanks to the marriage between an English machine Bobbin 
and the  loom Jacquard of Lyon.
Last Year we made an artistic performance with  Wilfrid Haberey: 
"La Belle Dormante"
This exploration under the eyelids of this Sleeping Beauty is  like an immersive partition of oscillating and paradoxical sleep between violence and delicacy.
Like if recording of its palpitations of its beats of lashes, its sighs of quiverings of its skin, of its hair could give the  oneiric memory card of this subtle industrial machinery condemned  today  to silence. Since  this last awakening, Belle Dormante is the subject of a whole program 'In-Lace-me (and wake me up)". This program enabled us to meet the prince charmings of Nord/Pas-de-Calais who are able to awake it because they restarted three sisters of Belle Dormante.
This program makes work three High School:
Ecole Design Nantes-Atlantique, ENSATT and Ecole Martinière-Diderot
on what this patrimonial machine could manufacture today by marrying it with textile new technologies: intelligent textile, textiles therapeuthic, cosmetotextile.
Belle Dormante is the first workshop of the project develops here at the TASE  factory:
The JACARTRONIC which propose the installation of a fab lab new generation:
a third social, artistic place allowing  to adapt the innovations of today while learning how to use the new digital tools but by re-registering these tools in the line of this industrial history, of this culture of the innovations whose the usine TASE is a referent place.
La Belle Dormante is an icon,  a symbol of which we all can seize, admittedly.
She sleeps as sleep another Sleeping Beauties here and elsewhere other machines, other places but also dreamed, "savoir-faire", Utopias which are waiting to be awake.
The restarting of this machine, to the technical prowess that can represent
 simply returns to our creative capacity to invent, 
to reinvent without 
mode d’emploi , « how to do it" a new process, new ways of making and of thinking, 
in inspiring by the past for building another futur... 

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